Writing for MacTech

You want to write for MacTech? Fantastic! It's easy to get started.

First: contact us with an article proposal. Nothing fancy, just an overview of the topic and a high level outline. We really need to ensure topics aren't being duplicated and that the material is reaching the right audience.

Second: Once approved, and you're ready to begin writing, download the "writer's kit" from:

MacTech Writer's Kit

This is simply a Word template with our styles.

Third: Create an account on this server, http://authors.mactech.com.

Screenshots are welcome. Ideally, use Grab.app and save in tiff format (Grab.app saves in tiff by default). Grab.app also eliminates the drop shadow on Leopard windows. Snapz Pro works well, too, if you already have it.

The filename of your Word document should be composed of your last name and the title of the article, separated by a hyphen. For example, Smith-Open_Directory.doc.

Once you're finished, save all files in a single folder, compress, and upload the single compressed file to this server using the page here: create article form.

(please do not e-mail the final article to anyone at MacTech.com - the upload form injects the article into the MacTech internal workflow. Of course, feel free to ask questions at any time).

Deadlines are posted at http://www.mactech.com/dates

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.